The Ultimate Prosperity Intensive Reveals The Ancient Wisdom I Learned From 40,000 Hour Of Meditation...
Angela Hryniuk
Director of The Ultimate
 Prosperity Plan
How to Achieve Financial & spiritual Abundance (Without Compromise)
I PROMISE -- You truly can enjoy your perfectly Balanced life as well!
In my 1/2 day training I will be sharing...
The 7 Steps to “Abundant Living”
  • Step 1: BEFRIENDING THE 3 POISONS of the Mind: Anger, Attachment, and “Ignorance” (Pull Them Out by the Root for Freedom)
  • Step 2: Surrendering Your “SNEAKY WILL”
  • Step 3: Completing a Fearless “INTERNAL INVENTORY”
  • Cleaning House, Taking Stock, “Digging” for More GOLD
  •  Step 4: Knowing How to Deal With the "CHANGE-BACK-PLEASE” Syndrome
  •  Step 5: Mastering “Vigilant Perseverance” (Get Comfortable CAPACITY-BUILDING)
  •  Step 6: Becoming “FIERCELY COMPASSIONATE” (And It Doesn’t Just Mean “Being Kind”)
  •  Step 7: Be-Do-Have: Translate Your “AUTHENTIC BEING” into Having it ALL!
  • The Nine Stages of Calming the “MONKEY MIND”
  • The Four Types of Generosity
  • The Eight Simple Steps to STAY GROUNDED Consistently
  •  Single Pointed -- Analytical -- Accelerated Transpersonal Timeline Method or ATTM (formerly known as Inner Child Meditations) -- MINDFULNESS Meditation
  • Techniques to IMMEDIATELY lower anxiety, fear & blocks
My name is Angela Hryniuk and I want you to know that...
You Can have It All!
And, that I live my teachings -- I've had the honour of working closely with...
  •  Bishop Desmond Tutu
  •  The United Nations
  •  Abdul Kalam - During his Indian Presidency
I've enjoyed the luxury of Investing Over $200,000 in my Education & Development plus I've Owned 2 Homes in two countries & 3 Successful Businesses.
I PROMISE -- You truly can enjoy
your perfect life as well!
Believe me when I say...

This is NOT Your Average "Spiritual Teaching" nor is it one of those Money Hype, Law of Attraction workshops. NOT AT ALL!!!

This is a workshop that offers...

Masterful Techniques & Pearls Of Wisdom
to teach you how to HAVE IT ALL!

We’re not merely doing ‘Spiritual Work’ anymore. The Pillars are designed to generate higher and higher levels of vibration, energy and thus Manifestation. We are entering the realm where Quantum Physics Meets Ancient Spiritual Wisdom -- and takes us beyond our wildest preconceived notions of Self.

We must DIALOGUE with the Universe, and ‘Dial Into' the higher frequencies which are available to us NOW.

This can be done – In Your EVERY DAY Life. You don’t need to spend 40,000 hours on a meditation cushion as I have.

What you need is...

1 - POWERFUL Techniques to PIVOT beyond your "Story".
2 - Daily Rituals -- that are QUICK & Activate Ancient Wisdom.
3 - A Teacher who Walks the Talk.
4 - A Safe Community where you can be raw and “real”.

You need Essential Tools & Techniques (combining Modern-Day Technology with Ancient Wisdom), to aid in the CONTINUOUS Embodiment of “Divine Presence” - so you too can experience…

- Unconditional 'Conscious' Love - For Self, The Universe & Others
- Aligned Business Success
- Confidence in Leadership & Teachings
- Manifested & Empowered Wealth
- UNWAVERING Belief & Trust In the Universe

Perhaps you’re someone who’s done a ‘Ton of Work’ - but notice you’re still lapsing into Old Patterns. 

Perhaps you're a spiritual teacher yourself, and now want higher level teachings. Or maybe you’re well on your spiritual journey - but want to now find ‘The Lightning Path’.

Whatever your Spiritual Goal, I will say this...these workshops are NOT for everyone.

They are for those of you who are serious about your Spiritual Aspiration, know that inner healing is ongoing, and are looking for ‘A Teacher’ who ‘walks the talk’. No more “Shelf-Help”...

These workshops are designed for those of you who are TRULY READY to take your Spiritual Development to the “Next Level!”


The workshop is a proven blueprint for Financial Abundance WITH Integrity – a Deep Spiritual Connection AND a LOVE for Material Things.

You Can Take In A FULL 3 hours of my Exclusive 2 Day Training...
  • It's Full of Unique "NOTHING-LIKE- IT" Content You'll Be Able To USE STRAIGHT AWAY
Angela Hryniuk
Director of The Ultimate Prosperity Plan
Kelly Gentle

Before I met Angela I was filled with self doubt, anger, and lacked the skills to compassionately understand and express my true feelings about myself, others and situations.

I now have the confidence to change my life to be abundantly full of all that I need forever. I have found a place where I mostly have internal peace and happiness. It just couldn’t have happened without Angela, I am eternally grateful for meeting her.
Anna Hamar

I had reached a crossroad in life. I knew I needed to change but I didn’t know how to do it, what to do, or where to go. Angela helped me find the courage to open up, let go and receive.

I now have a very good feeling about money (which I didn’t have before). I formed the strength within to take a leap of faith by resigning from my secure position - and said ADIOS to my “security”. It was the best decision.

Blessings to you, Angela
Liza Joubert

I was living in a life where I had limiting believes about myself. Some of the self-damaging beliefs were of scarcity in love and wealth. Overall I was feeling disharmony, powerlessness and overwhelm.

I now just see the hurt little child in everyone and myself and just love them, no more reacting to them or falling into a victim mindset. I now live a life of abundance, harmony, self-love and bliss. Real Bliss!!
Event Details:

THURSDAY, June 7th 9:30AM - 1:30PM
Lord Stanley Hotel
994 Stanley St East
East Brisbane, QLD 4169

SATURDAY, June 9th 9:30AM - 1:30PM
Mantra Mooloolaba Beach
 7 Venning St, Mooloolaba 
QLD 4557, Australia

JUST $67
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