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2 Day Live Workshop 
with Angela Hryniuk **Value $4,997
35 Page Manual
Of Practices And Tools **Value $197
10 Module Online Program
Enlightenment & Money ** Value $1997
6 months Of Group Coaching 
Weekly  **Value $4997
6 months One to One Coaching (15 min/wk)
Weekly  **Value $4997
15 Minute 1 on 1 Coaching Call
with Angela Hryniuk **Value $297
Downloads of Angela’s 2 CD’s
[CD1] Sitting in the Light
[CD2] The Inner Child Odyssey **Value $297
Enlightenment & Money Book
E-Book **Value $49
40 day Prosperity Program
To view Anywhere **Value $497
Total Value = over $18,000
Full Price = $2,999
Your Full Price Today = $2,495
What Our Clients Say
Kelly Gentle

Before I met Angela I was filled with self doubt, anger, and lacked the skills to compassionately understand and express my true feelings about myself, others and situations.

I now have the confidence to change my life to be abundantly full of all that I need forever. I have found a place where I mostly have internal peace and happiness. It just couldn’t have happened without Angela, I am eternally grateful for meeting her.
Anna Hamar

I had reached a crossroad in life. I knew I needed to change but I didn’t know how to do it, what to do, or where to go. Angela helped me find the courage to open up, let go and receive.

I now have a very good feeling about money (which I didn’t have before). I formed the strength within to take a leap of faith by resigning from my secure position - and said ADIOS to my “security”. It was the best decision.

Blessings to you, Angela
Liza Joubert

I was living in a life where I had limiting believes about myself. Some of the self-damaging beliefs were of scarcity in love and wealth. Overall I was feeling disharmony, powerlessness and overwhelm.

I now just see the hurt little child in everyone and myself and just love them, no more reacting to them or falling into a victim mindset. I now live a life of abundance, harmony, self-love and bliss. Real Bliss!!
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